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Paradise Birding

Paradise Birding

Paradise Birding leads carefully-crafted birding and natural history tours to 12 countries on four continents, from Sicily to North America and Malaysian Borneo.

Several things set us apart from other companies, first and foremost of which is our commitment to conservation. We regularly donate a portion of our tour revenues to support bird conservation in the places where we do business. Recent contributions have included Honduran Emerald habitat conservation in Honduras; Bonnelli’s Eagle nest monitoring in Sicily; and Hornbill nest-box construction in Malaysia.

Beyond our conservation commitment, Paradise Birding prides itself on offering tours that appeal to birders from all walks of life and with a wide range of skills and abilities. Several elements of our operation make our tours special:

Small groups: We take only 3-8 birders per tour with everyone getting a window seat in the most comfortable vehicles available.

Two U.S. guides per tour: With local experts in some regions, we offer some of the highest guide-to-client ratios in the business.

Multiple nights at each location: Less packing means a relaxed pace and unhurried enjoyment of the wildlife and habitats.

Excellent food: Our guests consistently tell us that we provide some of the best meals they’ve ever had on a tour.

More than just birds: We focus on natural history, ecology, and conservation, as well as cultures, in the diverse regions we visit. Studying bird behavior and learning about local ecosystems take precedent over a long bird list.

Innovative itineraries: We lead a series of International Woodpecker Conservation Tours as well as woodpecker-themed tours in Oregon and California. We also lead tours that focus on unique natural phenomena, like winter tours to see huge flocks of Bohemian Waxwings; coastal trips to experience major tidal events; and Sicily nature tours that also focus on world-class cuisine & ancient cultural ruins.


Paradise Birding


Paradise Birding


Paradise Birding

Paradise Birding

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